Chatham-Kent is an amalgamated single tier municipality, created in 1998 through the amalgamation of Kent County and the City of Chatham. Including approximately 2,500 km², the Municipality of Chatham-Kent is the 12th largest municipality by area in Canada.

In addition to the unique challenges posed by geography, Chatham-Kent is bordered by large bodies of water on two sides and transected by Highway 401. Combining a resident population of approximately104,000 people, a transient population provided by Highway 401’s “Windsor – Toronto” corridor and the recreational visitors to expansive beaches, waterways, and cottages, ensuring optimal emergency services coverage can be challenging. As well, specialized knowledge and skills are required to meet the need of both the agricultural and industrial sectors.

CKFES is part of the Community  Development  portfolio  for  Chatham-Kent and includes three (3) operational service divisions: Fire Services, Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Management. The Fire Paramedic Chief is a member of the Executive Management Team for the Municipality and is responsible to Council for Fire & EMS service delivery.

Chatham-Kent Fire & Emergency Services is an all-hazards community safety department with the responsibility to care for the community through prevention, public education and response. We protect from harm what matters most to our communities and its people.  CKFES encompasses Fire Services, Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Management.  Careful coordination and overlap in all three key areas makes for a well-integrated and effective public safety and pre-hospital health care service.  The cornerstones of our department are Public Safety and Service, Workplace Safety, Public Trust and Brand Integrity, Teamwork and Leadership.

CKFES provides public education in the areas of fire safety, home safety, community health, public access CPR & Defibrillation, fire safety for children in schools, and overall risk and hazard avoidance.

CKFES provides prevention services through fire prevention and inspection in both homes and businesses making the community safer and preventing emergencies. We also provide preventative interventions and referrals through paramedics in at-risk individual’s homes.

CKFES plans, prepares, and leads emergency management for the municipality ensuring an agile response in the event of a large-scale emergency or disaster.

CKFES ensures that the community is safe and protected, promotes safety and health, reduces risk and responds to your emergencies.

CK Fire crest with fire services, EMS and EM

Emergencies Call 911

For more general inquiries contact:

Chatham-Kent Fire & Emergency Services
5 Second Street, Chatham, ON N7M 5X2
Phone: 519.436.3270
Fax: 519.352.8620

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