Becoming A Firefighter

The Chatham-Kent Fire Department is a large composite department, which provides service to a population of 104,075 and service area of 2,500 km².

map of fire stations

Our Department

The department operates 19 fire stations. There are 2 full time stations, 1 composite station and 16 volunteer stations. There is a front-line staff component of approximately 400.

After Amalgamation

Amalgamated in 1998, the Chatham-Kent Fire Department brought together firefighters from twenty-three communities, working together to provide a seamless delivery of high quality service to the public. Each station is involved in supporting their community and the firefighters from each station make contributions of time and effort at emergencies, local events, and public education venues throughout the year.

Career Firefighter

This division is comprised of  4 squads located between Station #1 (Chatham), Station #2 (Chatham), and Station #3 (Wallaceburg).  Each squad consists of one Senior Captain based at Station #1, one Captain at Station #2 and Station #3, and firefighters.  There is a total of 62 personnel in this division.

Volunteer Firefighter

This division is comprised of 16 stations, plus a volunteer component located in Wallaceburg Station #3. There are approximately 325 volunteer firefighters across Chatham-Kent.

Each station consists of one Station Chief, one Deputy Station Chief, Captains and firefighters. The Station Chief is responsible for maintaining the day to day operation of the station along with the Deputy Station Chief. The Deputy Station Chief oversees the training component of the station.

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