Procedures to Request an Incident Report or Fire Inspection

Step 1

A written request needs to be submitted to Chatham-Kent Fire & Emergency Services, Attention: Fire Prevention Division.
Either by mail, fax or in person at any of our Municipal Service Centres.

Chatham-Kent Fire & Emergency Services
Attention: Fire Prevention Division
5 Second Street
Chatham Ontario
N7M 5X2
Fax Number: 519.352.8620

Step 2

The written request needs to include:
1. Contact name and address of property
2. Owner’s name and address
3. Name and address to whom the inspection report should be sent.*

*The Information will be sent to the property owner. If the owner wishes another party to receive the Information, a release of property information (See Consent Form) must be completed and sent in with the inspection request.

Step 3

The appropriate fee must be included with the request in order to be processed. (See Forms) If you have questions or are unsure of the correct fee, please call Fire Administration at 519.436.3270. Please do not mail cash.

For your convenience Chatham-Kent Fire & Emergency Services has also provided a Pre-Inspection Checklist and a Fire Safety Plan Template for those looking to develop their plan.



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