kid zone

Some important things for you to remember are:

Firefighters are your friends!

Firefighters may look a little scary when they are in their full firefighting gear. They really want you to know that they are there to help you. It is important that you come to them and not hide.

When you see smoke or fire get low and get out. Once you are out, stay out.

Practise Your Home Escape Plan

Every home should have a home escape plan. It is important that everyone in the family knows what to do and can act quickly. That is why it is important to practise your plan, just like at school so that you can get out quickly if there is a real emergency.
Download a copy here.

Never play with fire

Matches and lighters are tools for adults and not toys. Fire can spread very quickly and it only takes one match to burn down an entire building. Many children have been burned from fire so please do not play with matches or lighters.


Stop, drop and roll

This is what you should do if your clothes catch fire. Make sure you drop to the ground immediately, cover your face and roll over and over until you put the fire out. Do not run as more oxygen will get on the fire and it will grow bigger.

Teaching Tip for Parents:

Try not to scare your children, but be truthful about the dangers of fire and smoke. Show them that you are confident about what you will do in the event of a fire and that you can help to protect them.
The most important way to ensure their safety is to install working smoke alarms on every level of your home.

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