Nuisance Alarms

Do not take the battery out or disconnect the power if you experience nuisance alarms!


If your smoke alarm frequently goes off when you’re cooking or using the shower, do not remove the battery or disconnect the power source.

Disabling a smoke alarm will leave your home vulnerable in a real fire emergency and it’s against the law. Instead, try the following practical solutions to end frequent nuisance alarms.

  1. Stop nuisance alarms at the source. Keep stove burners and ovens clean, adjust the timer setting on the toaster and use the range hood fan.
  2. Install smoke alarms with a “hush” feature. These devices have a button that, when pressed, will temporarily silence the alarm for 7 to 10 minutes, then automatically reset itself.
  3. Move the smoke alarm. It may be too close to the kitchen or bathroom and moving it to a different location could significantly reduce nuisance alarms. Battery-operated smoke alarms can be easily moved by homeowners, however electrically connected alarms will require the services of an electrician.
  4. Try a different type of smoke alarm. There are two common types of smoke alarm technologies: ionization and photoelectric. Photoelectric alarms are less prone to activate due to cooking activities. Replacing ionization smoke alarms located near kitchens with photoelectric alarms may solve the problem.
  5. Replace older alarms. Smoke alarms wear out over time and may be more likely to activate unnecessarily. If your smoke alarms are more than ten years old, replace them with new ones.

Remember: It is the law in Ontario to have working smoke alarms on every storey and outside all sleeping areas! For information about nuisance alarms, visit, or contact us.

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