Residential Sprinklers

Residential sprinkles provide excellent fire protection because they can control, contain or extinguish fires until help arrives.

Myth: Residential sprinklers cause water damage.

Fact: One sprinkler discharges less water in 10 minutes than a fire hose discharge in 1 minute. Uncontrolled fires cause significantly more damage then sprinklers.

Myth: If one sprinkler goes off, they all will.

Fact: Because sprinklers are triggered by heat, not smoke, the sprinkler in the immediate vicinity of the fire will activate. Typically, only one sprinkler is activated to extinguish or limit a fire.

Myth: Residential sprinklers might discharge by accident.

Fact: Sprinkler heads only discharge if a fire raises the temperature beyond the sprinkler trigger point (typically 57-74C or 135 – 165F). The odds of an accidental discharge due to a manufacturing defect are 1 in 16 million.

Myth: Residential sprinklers are unnecessary because new houses are safer than older houses.

Fact: Studies indicate that modern homes smolder longer, then burn hotter and faster than 35 years ago. Most fire deaths are the result of toxic smoke generated by the burning of contents in the home.

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