Vision, Mission, and Values

Vision Statement

Chatham-Kent Fire and Emergency Services is recognized by those we serve, our members and our peers as providing the best fire, medical and life safety services in the Country.

Who We Are

A dynamic organization that adjust to the needs of our communities and is recognized as a leader for innovative and collaborative emergency service response strategies.


To provide public education, prevention, and emergency response to protect Chatham-Kent from the adverse effects of fires, medical emergencies and dangerous conditions either natural or man-made.


“To Protect From Harm What Matters Most To Our Communities And Its’ People”

Values and Cornerstones

During our sessions it was clear members and stakeholders were proud of our history and felt strongly about affirming these values and cornerstones. Our actions and values create our reputation in the community and cornerstones provide a solid foundation and underpin the guiding principles for our team.

We Value:

We value Safety, Pride, Integrity, Respect, Innovation, and Teamwork – (SPIRIT)

SAFETY: commitment to a safe community and workplace

PRIDE: in our performance, the service we provide and the communities we serve

INTEGRITY: in everything we do, an organization that is trusted by those we serve

RESPECT: the uniqueness of others

INNOVATION: building a sustainable emergency service strategy for the future

TEAMWORK and COMMUNICATION: Together we are better


  1. Public Safety and Trust
  2. Workplace Safety
  3. Performance and Brand Integrity
  4. Teamwork and Leadership

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